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Old 08-07-2012, 05:39 PM   #1

Jul 2012
Tuning Calc for PEP and recent car packs

Anyone who is a fan of the FTC and disappointed that there hasnt been an update for several months then look here.

F4ATC have mined out all the car data and have produced and interim version of the FTC using v4.3.

The results from the calc are extremely good.

We decided to do this to help out those people who really rely on the calc for tuning and we must stress that it is an interim until the 'Finale' is released, but we will then be carrying on with it after that until Turn 10 loose interest in Forza 4, but hopefully Forza Horizon will be based on the same mechanics and we so we will create a new vehicle database from that too using the same calc.

Anyone interested search for Forza 4 Anarchist Tuning Club on Facebook, like the page and message us your e-mail address and we will mail it back to you.
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