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Old 03-04-2016, 09:26 PM   #1
TfR Spiny Anteater
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Spiny Anteater
Jun 2009
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Ariel Atom V8

This car was terrible in FM5, so I dreaded the thought of driving it for two hours in the endurance. Happily, it seems to be a bit like the BAC Mono in that it's actually quite a nice drive in PCars. The main disadvantage of it is that the fuel tank is quite small, and you'll only get 11 laps, 12 at a push, around Bathurst before you have to refuel. It is very light on tyres though, and running the full 2 hours on one set is easily possible, even for a controller user like me.

This one is for Bathurst for the endurance. You may be able to reduce the qualifying fuel load if you want to do shorter stints - the tank will give you about 25 minutes before you need to refill.

Tyres & Brakes
Tyre Compound: Automatic (only one compound, so pretty irrelevant)
Front Tyre Pressure: 1.40 Bar
Rear Tyre Pressure: 1.36 Bar
Brake Pressure: 97%
Brake Balance: 62%
Traction Control Slip: 13%

Aero & Chassis
Front Downforce: 4.0
Rear Downforce: 4.0

Steering Ratio: 12.9:1
Caster: 4.5 deg
Front Camber: -1.9 deg
Rear Camber: -1.4 deg
Front Toe-in: 0.0 deg
Rear Toe-in: 0.2 deg

Front Ride Height: 120mm
Rear Ride Height: 110mm
Front Springs: 40 N/mm
Rear Springs: 50 N/mm
Front Sway Bar: 0mm (Far Left)
Rear Sway Bar: 0mm (Far Left)

All Bump Stops: 25mm
Front Slow Bump: 6800 N/m/s
Rear Slow Bump: 5600 N/m/s
Front Fast Bump: 3250 N/m/s
Rear Fast Bump: 2800 N/m/s
Front Slow Rebound: 7600 N/m/s
Rear Slow Rebound: 7200 N/m/s
Front Fast Rebound: 4000 N/m/s
Rear Fast Rebound: 4000 N/m/s

Accel: 20%
Decel: 43%
Preload: 15N-m

Final Drive: 3.92
1st: 2.69
2nd: 2.05
3rd: 1.54
4th: 1.33
5th: 1.19
6th: 1.04

Fuel Load: 40l
Qualifying Load: 40l
Brake Mapping: 5
Clubman GT Winner (only 'cos Jamesy got pished)

We all learn from our mistakes. I am very well educated...

RIP Stuart (Hoonta). Gone. Not Forgotten.
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720, driving, endurance, engine, fm5, qualifying, running

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